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Survival and camping hacks for your adventures

Everyone should go on a wild adventure in the woods and see what it’s like to live in the land. Learn some basic survival tricks and appreciate nature a bit more. Well, in this video I prepare you for such an adventure with my tips and lifehacks.
Instead of wasting water from the water bottle, you can pierce it with a straw on the side and use the straw as a faucet. Simply, unscrew the cap on top whenever you need water and voila. A running faucet.
I show you how to start a fire in the woods using a battery and a piece of foil from your gum. By connecting the ends of the paper on each side of the battery you can start a fire.
I show you how to use a wine cork to make your own key floater. This is ideal when you go swimming. If you drop your keys in the water, they will come right back on top.
I show you how to make your won compass that will point north using a magnetized needle and a small leaf in the water.
To make your matches waterproof simply dip them in some melted wax.

0:56 – How to start a fire
2:00 – How to get rid of bugs on your clothes
3:01 – How to put out a fire
4:54 – DIY compass
7:02 – How to find your tent
9:25 – Waste sorting
11:50 – Awesome hiding place for your keys
13:03 – DIY outdoors shower


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