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clones and androids are real , there in sports, our government, workers

Published on 10 Mar 2019 / In Sports

https://sherryshriner.blogspot.....com/2016/05/intervi this video is fake nothing in it is real, it is a lie

Lucifer - we own everything, that's how we control it. We have structures of control everywhere, in every thing...even athletes have to answer to us now...

Sherry - Steph Curry was at the White House, is he Obama's new boy toy?

Lucifer - (laughs)...yeah I knew he'd like that one...(laughs)...

Sherry- what about Lebron James, Peyton Manning?

Lucifer - Lebron signed the dotted line, he's one of ours, he does what he's told, doesn't make waves, he wants rings, he'll spend his life chasing his possessions and then we'll take them all...that's how it usually works...(laughs)...

Lucifer - Peyton Manning, he signed...the famous ones who get media time have to...big contracts, media attention, only ours get approved for that...some come in under big contracts we just go after them later...if they want to keep getting them then they have to sign or join a club...if they don't they wont' get another one...they just disappear into slavehood with the rest of the population or if they know to much we get rid of them in one way or another to show the others to keep quiet...you always need examples to intimidate the rest and keep them quiet, keep them in line.

Lucifer - if we want to keep their name going, their brand, we kill them and replace them if they're trouble...you can always make money off of or an example out of someone who was once famous and rich...it's just strategy..

Sherry- I can't understand them, how they could follow you, think it's an honor to serve you then go to hell for eternity...

Lucifer - (laughs)...out of sight out of mind, people live in the here and now, they want to get what they can now,

Sherry - such a waste, eternity is so much longer than the here and now.....

Lucifer - (laughs)...they don't see it that way...suits me fine...I take what's given...

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