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Elephant Looting a Safari Jeep at Yala National Park Sri Lanka (Gemunu)

Published on 04 Jan 2019 / In Travel & Events

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So this happened the other day when we went on Safari in the Yala National Park in Sri Lanka. We laugh about it now but we were super scared when it happened :D Video was recorded by my cousin Nadeeshe Dharmaratne (he owns all copyrights) while the sound effects were provided by Gemunu, my friends, my family and yours truly ;)

FYI: The elephant came running to our jeep because it smelled food in it, so first-time-safari-goers might wanna keep in mind that food should stay outta the National Park if you don't wanna run the risk of this happening to you.. also, a big fat DUHHH to all the smartypants who say we shouldn't have screamed. We did scream but we'll be sure to think of your invaluable piece of advice during the next attack. :P


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