Joyce Muturi - Album - (Ni Thimu Iriku) song - Kaira Ngai, Kenyan Kikuyu Gospel Music. Vol 3.

Published on 23 Dec 2018 / In Music

Let us seek God in everything. Your friends and neighbours they can forsake you but know that God is always with you. Album - (Ni Thimu Iriku)song Kaira Ngai You can get a copy of this audio album in Shimba Centre in Nrb,Zakary wandaro music store or any other music store or contact 0727634429 or email

God has been so faithful. I will live for Him alone He is my redeemer. He changes not. Enjoy listening to the songs they are also in the Radio stations .God has chosen us to spread His good news.

Joyce Muturi has Two more Albums
1.Wananjita maingi with the hit(Araramiai Mihaka)
2.Warathimwo(Orucini Orucini Nyanaga ciama)

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