The Brand New Testament

Published on 26 Jan 2019 / In Sports

God exists! Sadly, he is a real scoundrel. A misanthropic family man living in Brussels, he is a petty and tyrannical force in the lives of the masses. From a computer in his apartment's private office, God (Benoît Poelvoorde) invents new laws of the universe to toy with humanity (Law no. 2127: "The required amount of sleep is always 10 more minutes"). He is no better with his put-upon wife and rebellious 10-year-old daughter Ea, his lesser-known offspring. Disgusted by her father's antics, Ea hacks into his computer, leaking the predestined death dates of everyone in the world and embarking on a quest to draft a new testament with a modern band of apostles. Now freed from the uncertainty of death, the values and priorities of mankind begin to shift in this hilarious and visionary romp from director Jaco Van Dormael.

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