traveling to a different country ~alone~ for the first time

Published on 02 Aug 2019 / In Travel & Events

will I get kidnapped? lost? make in on the plane? who knows. watch an entire vlog of me literally being a complete idiot for 6 straight hours in the airport and then struggled to get on a plane and fly to another country all by myself. I'm a loner.
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business inquiries only (plz):

fReQuEntLy aSkEd quEsTiOnS:
how old are you? 18
what grade are you in? rising college sophomore
what college do you go to? penn state wooOoOoo
what do you use to edit? final cut pro
will you marry me? jk no one asks this

disclaimer: I snatched that expensive frickin ticket with my own dollars so this is not sponsored. I've been on a plane by myself before but never this far or to another country so #yikes. I had to be there a million hours early because that's when my family could drop me off.

yeet bye,
sydney ;)

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